Donald Trump vs. Mexicans

Donald Trump is running as president for the United States’ election in 2016! I mean don’t get me wrong it is great to have a candidate with such spectacular “American spirit.” 

I thought America was a country of unity and peace, bur clearly I was wrong. This candidate Trump guy is clearly going overboard with his comments and his “freedom of speech” just because he has money and the gift of being an old white man that doesn’t give him the right to talk about others, especially as a FUTURE PRESIDENT. I mean there is people might agree with this guy? 

Isn’t it crazy how racist and greedy people has become. Weren’t we all taught how to treat others and to  share during our kindergarten times? Why are we being so accepting of this behavior that isn’t good for anyone. It is heartbreaking when people like this are admired, and running as president! This world needs change and most of all America needs change. By change it start off by allowing different nationalities in America.  

 Weren’t all the “white” or American people once immigrants in America? Yes, because they all once came from Eurpoean countries. So then, why is it that mexicans are being discriminated? We all come from imigrant ancestors! Donald Trump needs to stop this crazy non-sense against mexican people and all immigrants in America. He needs to work on planning to make America a better country as a whole rather than protecting borders in Mexico. Seriously. It seems as if he is running against Mexico. 
We need to vote for the future not for someone’s preference in HUMAN RACE. We need change and we need unity to make peace.  


Little Lies Add Up

It is amazing how there is so many people who I know that are in a relationship and somehow they complain about their partner being very jealous or very demanding. From my experience, I would tell them that their relationship is to no good because there is no trust and no communication.

What allowed me to realized that relationships of that type where no good was because I once lived it. This experience wasn’t healthy for in my emotional aspect.

My ex-boyfriend and I were together for approximately a year, and it was a year that was very long that made me realize the type of person that I was truly dating. Throughout my relationship that I had it was mostly arguments, but most couples have their arguments once in a while. Right? Well my relationship was pretty much mostly about arguments, jealousy, trust issues and no communication. Everyone told me that he wasn’t a good guy for me to date. Yet I believed that everything that was being said about him wasn’t true because he seemed different, and so it made me believe that he was different from the things that were being said about him.

A time that made me realize that my ex wasn’t the guy that I thought he was, was when I surprised him at his school, and instead of him being happy to see me, he got very mad because I didn’t notifying him that I was going to go visit him, so he pushed me aside from all his friends rather than introducing me to everyone and said some harsh things.

After this upsetting time, I still gave him a another chance after all his little lies and mistreatment, but then there comes my family to aware me of the type of person that I was dating, and really family always comes first. My brother, that attended the same school as my ex, told me about an occasion of when my boyfriend was being unfaithful, and of course it was hard to believe what was being said because no one liked my ex, but their was evidence and again those little lies of my ex began to add up and made me see the real person that he was.

After listening to my brother and seeing the evidence that he had it made me call my ex during the time to ask if it was true , but of course he denied everything. Along with that he didn’t try to be honest to me and tried to not tell the truth which I already knew, so I tested him and he made one of his little lies that added up to be a big one that was truly my wake up call to end that relationship that I had with him.

The next day I found out he was with three other girls. It hurt to realize that all those little lies where something that involved someone else, involved him cheating on me, and for him to not seem that he cared.

And that is why I say all those little things, those little lies add up to be something else that is trying to be said by the person, it gives a true statement, a true character of who a that person genuinely is. Little lies usually add up to be as part of a worse scenario, and in a relationship that has a lot of that little lies has no good in them that a person should just stop wasting time. If someone is lies over the little things then what will stop them from lying over the big things?

Work for what you want, but take it easy.

I hate taking exams! I hate quizzes! I hate tests! I hate everything that involves being a in classroom full of people who is just dead silent that all I hear is people moving papers. So that means my best friend this year, sarcastically, is the ACT. The most important test of my life. This test is my future that is being held within the score.

The score of this test is my scholarship money, my college acceptance letters, my score that people judge me based on.

I am not a good test taker just like all the many other people who I know, but they still manage to get a score of 21 or higher. And I am here with straight A’s and always that one B, one of the top 10 students, create programs at my school, and of course my ACT score is just so perfect! * sarcasm *

My score is so horrible that I don’t get acknowledged by my graduate support counselor for programs that aren’t based on student’s practice ACT when it is all based on student’s GPA. I have a perfect GPA this year, but my score is not to her standards.

I don’t want to say that I want to get acknowledged for all that I have done, I mean I enjoy helping people, my school to grow to be better, and have more for the students at my school, but to the point that all my hard work that I have done since freshmen year has not been recognized make me think that my graduate support counselor is lowering my standards all from my ACT score.

I understand this test is the most important test of my high school career, of my life, but my graduate support shouldn’t think that by myself not having the right score by her perspective should I stop myself from great opportunities. Taking this way of treatment from her make me be optimistic and motivated to study harder, to do better on my score and overall to prove that I can.

But to those that believe studying is worthless, dumb or whatever just know that you, yourself are worth more than just a score. This score isn’t identifying you, and where you come from, but maybe studying a little may help by one or two points that will really make a difference.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Today I sit here thinking about my life and how it has come be so far. I think about the great things that I have to accomplish, but as usual there is always those people or that person that has to ruin everything. They have to ruin my accomplishments by a simple remark or comment that makes me feel less of myself or many times that accomplishment is really not an accomplishment.

Although I am a teenager, a female, and a person that doesn’t have as much experience in life that should mean that a person should treat me with less respect or treat differently by any means. Seriously many say that I am young and overall they treat to criticize me by what I may offer when really they don’t know me, and the amount of years I have don’t have the measure of my ability of doing things.
The people that I look up to the most, my family members, my friends and teachers all in some way have treated me differently by my perception, and yet I am here today to try to shake it off and make the best of what I can with my life, for a better future. 

If the mind says yes, the body says yes.

My motto for cross country, but also for life as well, if people try to put me down I will take that as a way to make me better, and try harder in what I want because I will prove them that I can achieve it.

Can’t Fight Loneliness

Breakups are hard. They mess you up from feeling so happy one moment to feeling miserable, sad, and hateful to everything and everyone.

After a breakup it is best not to talk to your ex, because in the end of the day there was a reason to your breakup, so nothing would ever be the same. Going back to see how your ex is doing without you will just hurt you more, because you will remember to all the moments that you both once had. But remember if they messed up once, they will do it again, and the next time around it will be worse. This tends to happen because a person can get away with anything you let them to get away with the first time; they will go as far as you will let them.

A breakup happened for a reason, so don’t kill yourself to all the questions of  “what if” the “should have, could have, should have” because there was a reason to this sad moment to happen. This breakup was a lesson, a lesson to carry on to become a stronger person.

To be a strong is rough, especially after a breakup. That is so because you want to have that feeling again of when you where with your ex all those rainbows and roses. After a breakup you will want to do all the great things you once did with your ex, but right after a breakup it is not the time to try to talk to someone as a rebound. To try to talk to someone else so they may make you feel special as to how it was when you were in a relationship, or just to talk to someone so you may make your ex feel jealous.

Dating someone without giving yourself time to forget about your ex, without giving yourself some freedom, without giving yourself some alone time, your time to be YOU, the time of when you focus on yourself and no one else but yourself would be the best way to fight off a breakup instead of dating someone else.

Anything that involves being part of a relationship right after a breakup is an issue. Dating someone right after a previous relationship is definitely a rebound,especially if you still think about your ex and have feelings for that person. Why get someone’s hopes up about being in a new relationship when your mind is thinking about what you once had, but not on what you have.

Dating someone else right after a breakup is a rebound, because it is saying that you, yourself can not or does not know how to deal with your own emotions. This shows that you, yourself don’t have enough confidence to go out in the world on your own, as an independent person.

This is a big concern because in reality nobody is going to do anything for you but yourself, so while you’re at it let yourself be your own spark. Your own spark alone, where you are over your ex and not desperately look for another person, because people come and go, but your goals don’t, you have the shot to shoot, go right at it, and achieve what it is that you desire for. Fight your loneliness and learn to be independent and learn to not depend on someone’s attention, because you may be great without no one because you have the confidence to do the best for yourself.

What is violence?

No matter how many weapons America has, the amount of police officers, the amount of people who try to do their best to make their society safer, violence always finds a way to happen. As people begin to grow up they begin to have the mindset as their parents, because as a child their parents are their first teachers. Many times the act of violence occurs because the person committing the crime is going through a rough time at home, they went through a very rough experience previously in their life so they want to keep that chain into making someone else go through a rough time as themselves.

As Bill Cosby once said, “I want to get violence – I want schools to start from K through 12 to just every day have teachers understand that they don’t want to talk about anything that is violent, and they want to explain to the children how bad violence is and how behavior – violent behavior, is something that they really should not practice and think about.”

From this quote that Cosby said it clearly shows that the act of violence starts when a person is a child and they need to be taught right from wrong, so they may grow up to have their mindset into what it is that they want to be successful. In addition, violence is an act that should be taught to people from a young age, because as people begin to teach them right from wrong as they get older they won’t obey because they already have their mindset developed into how they see things, and it will be too late to change their way of seeing things in life.

Going on with violence, it is the act of hurting someone physically, but yet also it is when someone purposely is doing something to make another person feel bad about themselves, so they may gain confidence or the pleasure of making someone feel less than themselves. Violence is not just an assault, an aggression towards someone or something, violence is anything and everything that has to do with negatively attraction towards another person. But yet, violence is something that may take a person’s life, that may take something beautiful into something being destroyed, sad, dark, or dead. Violence is being seen  many things such as in the media, our schools, in our societies, and throughout our daily lives, but with one person not following it’s surroundings he/she may make a change, a change into saving a life, but most importantly to keep something beautiful.