Can’t Fight Loneliness

Breakups are hard. They mess you up from feeling so happy one moment to feeling miserable, sad, and hateful to everything and everyone.

After a breakup it is best not to talk to your ex, because in the end of the day there was a reason to your breakup, so nothing would ever be the same. Going back to see how your ex is doing without you will just hurt you more, because you will remember to all the moments that you both once had. But remember if they messed up once, they will do it again, and the next time around it will be worse. This tends to happen because a person can get away with anything you let them to get away with the first time; they will go as far as you will let them.

A breakup happened for a reason, so don’t kill yourself to all the questions of  “what if” the “should have, could have, should have” because there was a reason to this sad moment to happen. This breakup was a lesson, a lesson to carry on to become a stronger person.

To be a strong is rough, especially after a breakup. That is so because you want to have that feeling again of when you where with your ex all those rainbows and roses. After a breakup you will want to do all the great things you once did with your ex, but right after a breakup it is not the time to try to talk to someone as a rebound. To try to talk to someone else so they may make you feel special as to how it was when you were in a relationship, or just to talk to someone so you may make your ex feel jealous.

Dating someone without giving yourself time to forget about your ex, without giving yourself some freedom, without giving yourself some alone time, your time to be YOU, the time of when you focus on yourself and no one else but yourself would be the best way to fight off a breakup instead of dating someone else.

Anything that involves being part of a relationship right after a breakup is an issue. Dating someone right after a previous relationship is definitely a rebound,especially if you still think about your ex and have feelings for that person. Why get someone’s hopes up about being in a new relationship when your mind is thinking about what you once had, but not on what you have.

Dating someone else right after a breakup is a rebound, because it is saying that you, yourself can not or does not know how to deal with your own emotions. This shows that you, yourself don’t have enough confidence to go out in the world on your own, as an independent person.

This is a big concern because in reality nobody is going to do anything for you but yourself, so while you’re at it let yourself be your own spark. Your own spark alone, where you are over your ex and not desperately look for another person, because people come and go, but your goals don’t, you have the shot to shoot, go right at it, and achieve what it is that you desire for. Fight your loneliness and learn to be independent and learn to not depend on someone’s attention, because you may be great without no one because you have the confidence to do the best for yourself.


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