What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Today I sit here thinking about my life and how it has come be so far. I think about the great things that I have to accomplish, but as usual there is always those people or that person that has to ruin everything. They have to ruin my accomplishments by a simple remark or comment that makes me feel less of myself or many times that accomplishment is really not an accomplishment.

Although I am a teenager, a female, and a person that doesn’t have as much experience in life that should mean that a person should treat me with less respect or treat differently by any means. Seriously many say that I am young and overall they treat to criticize me by what I may offer when really they don’t know me, and the amount of years I have don’t have the measure of my ability of doing things.
The people that I look up to the most, my family members, my friends and teachers all in some way have treated me differently by my perception, and yet I am here today to try to shake it off and make the best of what I can with my life, for a better future. 

If the mind says yes, the body says yes.

My motto for cross country, but also for life as well, if people try to put me down I will take that as a way to make me better, and try harder in what I want because I will prove them that I can achieve it.


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