Work for what you want, but take it easy.

I hate taking exams! I hate quizzes! I hate tests! I hate everything that involves being a in classroom full of people who is just dead silent that all I hear is people moving papers. So that means my best friend this year, sarcastically, is the ACT. The most important test of my life. This test is my future that is being held within the score.

The score of this test is my scholarship money, my college acceptance letters, my score that people judge me based on.

I am not a good test taker just like all the many other people who I know, but they still manage to get a score of 21 or higher. And I am here with straight A’s and always that one B, one of the top 10 students, create programs at my school, and of course my ACT score is just so perfect! * sarcasm *

My score is so horrible that I don’t get acknowledged by my graduate support counselor for programs that aren’t based on student’s practice ACT when it is all based on student’s GPA. I have a perfect GPA this year, but my score is not to her standards.

I don’t want to say that I want to get acknowledged for all that I have done, I mean I enjoy helping people, my school to grow to be better, and have more for the students at my school, but to the point that all my hard work that I have done since freshmen year has not been recognized make me think that my graduate support counselor is lowering my standards all from my ACT score.

I understand this test is the most important test of my high school career, of my life, but my graduate support shouldn’t think that by myself not having the right score by her perspective should I stop myself from great opportunities. Taking this way of treatment from her make me be optimistic and motivated to study harder, to do better on my score and overall to prove that I can.

But to those that believe studying is worthless, dumb or whatever just know that you, yourself are worth more than just a score. This score isn’t identifying you, and where you come from, but maybe studying a little may help by one or two points that will really make a difference.


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