Little Lies Add Up

It is amazing how there is so many people who I know that are in a relationship and somehow they complain about their partner being very jealous or very demanding. From my experience, I would tell them that their relationship is to no good because there is no trust and no communication.

What allowed me to realized that relationships of that type where no good was because I once lived it. This experience wasn’t healthy for in my emotional aspect.

My ex-boyfriend and I were together for approximately a year, and it was a year that was very long that made me realize the type of person that I was truly dating. Throughout my relationship that I had it was mostly arguments, but most couples have their arguments once in a while. Right? Well my relationship was pretty much mostly about arguments, jealousy, trust issues and no communication. Everyone told me that he wasn’t a good guy for me to date. Yet I believed that everything that was being said about him wasn’t true because he seemed different, and so it made me believe that he was different from the things that were being said about him.

A time that made me realize that my ex wasn’t the guy that I thought he was, was when I surprised him at his school, and instead of him being happy to see me, he got very mad because I didn’t notifying him that I was going to go visit him, so he pushed me aside from all his friends rather than introducing me to everyone and said some harsh things.

After this upsetting time, I still gave him a another chance after all his little lies and mistreatment, but then there comes my family to aware me of the type of person that I was dating, and really family always comes first. My brother, that attended the same school as my ex, told me about an occasion of when my boyfriend was being unfaithful, and of course it was hard to believe what was being said because no one liked my ex, but their was evidence and again those little lies of my ex began to add up and made me see the real person that he was.

After listening to my brother and seeing the evidence that he had it made me call my ex during the time to ask if it was true , but of course he denied everything. Along with that he didn’t try to be honest to me and tried to not tell the truth which I already knew, so I tested him and he made one of his little lies that added up to be a big one that was truly my wake up call to end that relationship that I had with him.

The next day I found out he was with three other girls. It hurt to realize that all those little lies where something that involved someone else, involved him cheating on me, and for him to not seem that he cared.

And that is why I say all those little things, those little lies add up to be something else that is trying to be said by the person, it gives a true statement, a true character of who a that person genuinely is. Little lies usually add up to be as part of a worse scenario, and in a relationship that has a lot of that little lies has no good in them that a person should just stop wasting time. If someone is lies over the little things then what will stop them from lying over the big things?


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