Donald Trump vs. Mexicans

Donald Trump is running as president for the United States’ election in 2016! I mean don’t get me wrong it is great to have a candidate with such spectacular “American spirit.” 

I thought America was a country of unity and peace, bur clearly I was wrong. This candidate Trump guy is clearly going overboard with his comments and his “freedom of speech” just because he has money and the gift of being an old white man that doesn’t give him the right to talk about others, especially as a FUTURE PRESIDENT. I mean there is people might agree with this guy? 

Isn’t it crazy how racist and greedy people has become. Weren’t we all taught how to treat others and to  share during our kindergarten times? Why are we being so accepting of this behavior that isn’t good for anyone. It is heartbreaking when people like this are admired, and running as president! This world needs change and most of all America needs change. By change it start off by allowing different nationalities in America.  

 Weren’t all the “white” or American people once immigrants in America? Yes, because they all once came from Eurpoean countries. So then, why is it that mexicans are being discriminated? We all come from imigrant ancestors! Donald Trump needs to stop this crazy non-sense against mexican people and all immigrants in America. He needs to work on planning to make America a better country as a whole rather than protecting borders in Mexico. Seriously. It seems as if he is running against Mexico. 
We need to vote for the future not for someone’s preference in HUMAN RACE. We need change and we need unity to make peace.  


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